I am currently the chief scientist at UNICEF Office of Innovation (NY). Previously I’ve worked as assistant professor with the Department of Computer Science of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) from which I received a Ph.D. in CS in 2009.

I am deeply interested in human behavior and dynamics, particularly in the study of computational social networks, complex systems and behavioral dynamics and in how new types of data and analysis can be used for human development, to reach the hardest to reach and provide humanitarian awareness of places in which traditionally there is little or none.

After a year as visiting scholar in Carnegie Mellon University and a brief stint in the University of California San Diego I am involved in the study of epidemics in information networks, digital fingerprints of socio-economic factors and stressful events and advocating the digital exhaust for human development.

In my previous life I enjoyed researching on Human Computer Interaction and Ambient Intelligence. I am still a devoted collaborator of Madrid’s Down Syndrome Foundation (check out the DEDOS project!) and member of the Ambient Intelligence Laboratory of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Twitter: @Ranzher
LinkedIn: manuelherranz